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It’s hard to sing confidently when you have technical problems. At Celia Slattery Voice Studio, we train you like a pro and solve problems like:

  • cracking, wobbling in the break

  • limited range

  • pitch problems

  • tiredness, hoarseness

And we focus exclusively on Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) styles, i,e.: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, Musical Theater. We know that you want to sound better but sound like yourself – not like an opera star!

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Gained Confidence in her Singing

Aislinn Brophy

What Students are Saying

"Celia gave me the confidence to sing professionally on my piano gigs. Her techniques for strengthening the voice are amazing and they work!"

Jane Potter

Professor, Berklee College of Music

"Celia’s emphasis on technique and vocal hygiene brought Emily’s former problems with hoarseness under control, and she is now able to sustain her voice through weeks of rehearsals and performances."

Debbie Henry

mother of Emily Henry

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